A whole new world! Don’t you dare close your eyes, there’s a hundred thousand things to see!

I’ll be running the Harrowing PF adventure module, aiming for every other Monday evening during our normal board game night. This will likely take 4-5 nights, all depending.

Some notes on character creation:

  • Characters will start (and end) at level 10, so I don’t have to deal with XP
  • 20-point buy for stats, +1 at levels 4 and 8.
  • Please use MAX hit die (UPDATE!!!!)
  • Starting wealth: 62k gold
  • Please stick to Paizo material, preferably the Core, APG, UM and UC (all of which are on the SRD). If you have anything odd you want to use, please let me approve it first.
  • All characters should be sent to me for review beforehand.
  • Feel free to discuss how your characters will fit together (since they’re level 10, maybe they’re an existing party? Be creative!)
  • At least two of the 4-5 party members should be able to heal (whether by using wands, making potions, channeling or casting i don’t care).
  • Most encounters have an alternative than combat, and since there’s only one instance for selling, you’ll all likely want to use them. I think I counted a total of 7-9 encounters that have to come to violence, many don’t even go lethal (for the NPCs of course). This will change entirely on how situations are handled, and it could be a long night.
  • Useful skills to have: Knowledge: Religion & History, Sense Motive, and Survival. As always, Perception is OP but I’ll add some alternatives to it.
  • Favored enemies that would be good (in order): humanoids, undead, evil outsiders, magical beasts. There’s a few more, but can’t ruin all the fun >:)

The Harrowing

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